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Agent Notes:

I served with Capt Gostas
at the 527th MI Company
in Kaiserslautern, Germany
His next assignment was Vietnam
and mine was to leave the Army AIS branch, (ASA and CIC) after 7 years and return to school on the GI bill to get a degree in Electrical Engineering.

While at school I learned he was missing during the Battle for Hue and later learned that Miss America was wearing his name on her POW bracelet.

Over the last 50 years I have routinely searched the Internet and was unable to find any info on his status. A month ago I found a couple of links and was able to link and download them to this page.

Please scroll thru the left side "Tribute" to Capt Gostas
and the below "Always out Front"
description of his POW imprisonment:

Bernie, Webmaster